iAquaLink Voice and Home Automation Integrations iAquaLink Voice and Home Automation Integrations

We’ve Got Connections…

Hook your pool up to your favorite voice assistant or home automation system and take control "out of your hands"

Smart Home Automation that Perfectly Pairs with your Pool

Enjoy the convenience of pool control from the comfort of your home with these popular platforms.

Voice Integrations

Alexa Integration for iAquaLink

Amazon Alexa

Long day at work? Stressful commute? Just say the word and Alexa will start up the spa while you get your swimsuit on.

The Google Assistant Integration for iAquaLink Coming Soon!

The Google Assistant

Impromptu pool party? "Ok Google," can help with that. Simply tell the Google Assistant to turn your pool on so you can focus on the food.

Home Automation Integrations