iAqualinks hero automation pool iAqualinks hero automation pool


Complete control with powerful flexibility

The iAquaLink app also works with specific products. These connected products with built-in iAquaLink Control lets you enjoy the benefits of pool automation quickly and easily. Just connect the product throughout your home Wi-Fi for instant iAquaLink app control.

Scale Automation to What You Want and Need

With iAquaLink, there’s a solution for every pool owner’s budget and need—from automating a single piece of equipment to automating the entire pool and spa, and for both new and existing pools.

Whole System Automation

We offer the best technology for complete pool and spa system control. Simply control all aspects of your backyard experience from lights to water features with the intuitive iAquaLink app.

AquaLink TCX

AquaLink® TCX™ is a simple way turn your existing pool into a Smart Pool so you can manage your pool from your smartphone with the intuitive iAquaLink app. Set up schedules on-the-go, turn equipment On or OFF while you’re away, control the lights, heater, or cleaner remotely using your smart device. iAquaLink also delivers helpful information to ensure your pool is running efficiently.

Polaris Connected Robotics

Certain Polaris robotics connect via WiFi for anytime, anywhere control via the app and a smartphone.


With iQPUMP01, you get direct control of your Jandy variable-speed pump. iQPUMP01 connects to the pump to provide app control for an easy entry-level automation solution.

Power-Up The Pump
Power-On Additional Equipment

Jandy variable-speed pumps feature an auxiliary relay which, when combined with iQPUMP01, enables instant automation for your pump — plus one additional piece of equipment — using the iAquaLink app. Available on all 2.2 and 2.7 HP Jandy variable-speed pumps, it eliminates the need for an additional time clock to control equipment such as a booster pump or saltwater chlorinator.