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Now it's Easier than Ever to Control Your Pool & Spa

Just ask Alexa

Alexa Integration for iAquaLink

Ready for a Swim? Just Say the Word…

Now includes voice control of lights, water features, and connected Polaris robotic pool cleaners!

All Systems Go

The iAquaLink skill can be used to control all our user-friendly, innovative pool automation systems — AquaLink® RS, AquaLink PDA and AquaLink Z4. Additionally, it can be used to control our connected robotic pool cleaners by Polaris. As long as the pool is connected to the iAquaLink service, there is no need to update your hardware.

Intuitive Voice Control

Simply ask Alexa to “turn on the spa,” “turn on spa heater,” or “set spa light to blue.” You can also control additional pool features, such as waterfalls, and control the temperature settings by saying “set spa temperature to 102 degrees.”

Ready For A Dip? Just Ask

The iAquaLink skill isn't just about control. You can ask, "Alexa, what is the spa temperature?" and know instantly whether or not the spa is ready.*

*Filter pump must be on for water temperature readings

Alexa Integration for iAquaLink

Connect Alexa to iAquaLink

  1. In the Amazon Alexa app, navigate to Skills & Games under the menu.
  2. Search for iAquaLink.
  3. Select the iAquaLink skill and tap ENABLE TO USE.
  4. Log in with your iAquaLink app credentials.
  5. Once iAquaLink and Alexa are successfully connected, tap DISCOVER DEVICES.
Alexa Integration for iAquaLink

Name Devices

Discovered devices take on the system name as set up in the iAquaLink App. Rename devices for simplified voice control. For example, rename:

  • Smiths Pool Pool to Pool
  • Smiths Pool Spa to Spa
  • Smiths Pool Light to Pool Light

IMPORTANT: Some names don't work well. Avoid using Alexa keywords such as 'on', 'off', 'get', 'set', etc., as part of the device or group name. Do not use ‘my’, numbers, or special characters.

Voice Powered Pool Control Has Never Been this Easy

Our smart setup allows you to use short, simple, and to the point commands.

Turn Your Pool or Spa On/Off

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa allows you to control your pump for your pool and spa.

"Alexa, turn on spa"
"Alexa, turn off spa"
"Alexa, switch on pool"
"Alexa, turn the pool off"

Set the Temperature of Your Pool or Spa

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa allows you to set the temperature for your pool and spa.

"Alexa, set spa temperature to 95 degrees"
"Alexa, turn on pool heater"
"Alexa, what is the spa temperature"
"Alexa, increase spa temperature by 5 degrees"

Turn On/Off Lights and Water Features

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa allows you to control your pool lighting and water features.

"Alexa, turn on waterfall"
"Alexa, set pool lights to magenta"
"Alexa, dim pool dimmer"
"Alexa, set pool dimmer to 20%"

Control Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa allows you to control your smart robotic pool cleaner.

"Alexa, turn on [robot name]"
"Alexa, turn off [robot name]"
"Alexa, set [robot name] cleaning mode to Floor and Wall"
"Alexa, what is the cleaning mode on [robot name]"

Compatible With

The Alexa skill for iAquaLink is compatible with these products.

AquaLink RS

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AquaLink PDA

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AquaLink Z4

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Connected Polaris Robotics

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