Information Security for Fluidra Internet Connected Products

With the number of internet-connected devices in homes growing, so are security concerns. At Fluidra, we take these concerns seriously. You can rest assured that when you bring any Fluidra pool device into your home, you also bring along the security built into it.

Adhering to Standards

We account for security at every phase of building our projects and systems. We follow industry best practices and standards to ensure that your devices and data stay protected at all times.

Encrypted Communication

Our connected devices, applications, and systems use asymmetric encryption (SSL/TLS) to secure the data shared between them and avoid eavesdropping.

Secure Authentication

We use certificate-based authentication for our devices. Passwords used for managing the devices are hashed and salted. Additionally, we don’t store user passwords on the phone but tokens which are encrypted at-rest and in-transit.

Cloud Environment

We use one of the most recognized cloud infrastructure providers. Being the leader in their field, they provide the best identity, access, and vulnerability management standards for securing our devices.

Security Audits

As an industry best practice, we conduct at least one annual pen test to help strengthen the environment and demonstrate the security of our framework as vetted by a reputable third party.

Security by Design

Being crucial in the rapidly evolving world of the Internet of Things, we enforce “Security by Design” in all of our new products. From authorization and data integrity to availability and non-repudiation, we ensure that our products have been engineered from conception to be secure, allowing us to deliver the best experience to our customers.